The unending bright in my ears slowly but surely drives me loco. I flip and turn, hard to get rid of it. I'm distressed by the cognitive content of not knowing what's going on. I can't be too confident of my thoughts; they're too far out. Am I dreaming?

I see myself awheel my bike, building up greatness for the contest future up. Suddenly, I'm winged off my motorcycle in long-playing happening. As I'm flying, I see a trifling pick-up lorry celerity former me. I hit the flooring softly, in lazy occurrence still, but the aching from the impinging seemed brutal for having been laid on the ground so gently.

I only just lie in that in hurting and unqualified to dislodge. I set off to vociferation for help, but no one is near; the road is flawlessly vacant.

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The pick-up drives ancient me again; it appeared from nowhere. This time, it drives by slowly, as if to mock me.

Suddenly, I'm on my feet, yelling curses at whoever the manipulator is. Suddenly, I get the impression fine: no pain, processed strength: strength from my wrath.

I quality look-alike throwing rocks at the articulated vehicle as it slinked by. As if my suggestion was answered, a mountain of rocks ordered beside me.

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I rapidly pick up a small indefinite amount of rocks and toss them at the motor vehicle. None of them hit. None of them came close, and yet, the motortruck wasn't that far away from me. I threw as delicate as I could and no rocks hit the articulated vehicle. It retributive didn't engineer denotation.

I screaming and mechanical device more rocks. As I lob other handful, my precise arm starts to twinge. It wasn't a tight ache, but instead a deep, wound twinge. My arm started to pulse to this soreness. It became vexatious.


Numbers and letters now popped into my head. 647-MCA they blinked. Huge red book and letters blinked to the throb of my matched arm. At all blink, the numbers and packages grew large and larger, until the red bounded me, engulfed me.

I see myself lying on the squad of the road, crooked in an odd globe with my motor vehicle ground on top of me. I manifestation nearly at myself deceptive here. I strain my eyes; everything's a blur. I'm wearing black. Black shorts, black shirt, black armor plating. Everything is achromatic. Even my erstwhile silver and navy motor vehicle is black. Everything roughly me becomes surrealistically achromatic. My rumpled automotive vehicle turns into a dry bits and pieces as it sickness and molds complete my body, same a blanket.

I blink the blackness distant and all of a sudden I see nought but light-colored. The explosive direct contrast hurts my thought. They kick off to wet as I try to extract on thing. But all is in vain; all I see is light. The light-colored is disgusting. I knowingness similar to noisy again, but I can't. That's when I make out the tube lodged downbound my throat.

All at once, I hear shaky beeping noises. Then, all too clear, I comprehend voices. But no one's in this freedom. I try to direction my thought past more and I uncover I was untrue. A medical doctor and a health care provider trivet at the linear unit of my bed.

"He's known as Kevin Holmes, medical practitioner. We had to remove his precisely arm; there's cipher we could do to release it. He landed on that arm when he crashed and exclusively splintered it."

"What almost his head?"

"He's static comatose, near triple and grave injuries to his boss and upper body part."

"How did it happen?"

"Hit and run accident, is what I was told. Mr. Holmes was out awheel his mountain bike when a pick-up lorry hit him. The witness was an senior female person who was driving behind the man in the pick-up. She claims the operator of the lorry must have been drunk, the way he kept turn off the thoroughfare. The adult female identified the motor vehicle as individual red, near the licence flat solid 647-MCA. The lorry sped off earlier she could get the standard of it."

My arm begins to pain. My head starts to pain too. My undivided body throbs. My philosophy are racked. I can't tincture. I begin to go along into my mania again. As I instigate to fade out, I try to yell.

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