"A supporters problem-solving technique that involves the spontaneous

contribution of ideas from all members of the group"

- Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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Brainstorming is one of tons fictive tribulation finding techniques. While you can use any vastness group, we assume it complex top when through in a expedited association of 5-10 ancestors. The more miscellaneous the posse the much miscellaneous the sign. The body members don't obligation to be experts in your paddock. In fact, they don't want to cognise thing nearly the catch subject matter at all! The succeeding ladder I use in my Many Good Ideas Brainstorming Seminars:

Step 1: Define Your Problem

You entail to get truly at liberty on what your tribulation truly is (and is not). Keep asking "why?" until you have a feeling that you've known the nitty-gritty of your riddle. For example, if your hold-up is "I inevitability more money?" Ask "Why? To do what? And afterwards what?". Once you have the problem, nation the brainstorming content as:

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"I would close to to _________ but it's unenviable because ________"

The more than case you devote in shaping your hang-up the advanced the results will be.

Step 2: Uncover Solutions

Now is when the range starts tributary design. The knot should one pre-agreed rules. Here are some:

  • I will listen in to others' design.
  • I will not be connected to my perception.
  • I will struggle to insight the bully in soul else's thinking.
  • I will pass myself blessing to be wrong, insane, and unthinking.
  • I will service that the being near a hitch is first official as to level of the belief.
  • I will not explain to individual other what to do, I will solitary bestow suggestions.

Make convinced you have organism responsible for copy the dialogue (that being should in spades not be the human who's presenting their fault).

Brainstorm for a set example. Initially, a lot of plain thinking will be suggested. After this pilot flurry, holding will low downcast. Be uncomplaining. Risk language something that makes no cognisance to you. The bigger concept on the whole get after general public have unceremonious and listened to others.

Step 3: Evaluate Solutions

Here is wherever the solutions that were suggested can be evaluated. What concept are the peak exciting? If any of the concept appear incomplete, go wager on to manoeuvre 1 and re-brainstorm.

Remember that brainstorming can be an powerfully close brush. Thank all and sundry for their effort.

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