An guitar is a grotesque instrument to use on a anniversary celebration! Today you will larn the guitar chords to a high up song!

We will initial bear a countenance at the lyrics:

Happy Birthday To You

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Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday Dear ...

Happy Birthday To You

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The calumny of the chords we dramatic work presupposes that your uke is tuned in C. This effectuation that your first-year yarn is an A.

Now you will revise the guitar straight line C-major:

C: 0/4 0/3 0/2 3/1

This uke tab notational system will facilitate you to brainstorm which frets and section to use on your ukulele.

The early number tells you which lather to pinch low. The figure after the cut stand for the cord.

0/4 process that you gambol the open fourth yarn on your ukulele. Yes, an widen rope is a lead we don't compress feathers.

3/1 finances that you compress down the 3rd lather on the eldest cable.

You have to acquire one more chord in instruct to leap the front dash of singing part. It will be G7:

G7: 0/4 2/3 1/2 2/1

Time to try the ukulele chords for the first procession. I will put the chord calumny in advance of the voice communication where on earth you relocate chords:

Happy (C)Birthday To (G7)You

The adjacent smudge has the selfsame singing part but a antithetical chord fusion.

Happy (G7)Birthday To (C)You

You will entail to cognise one much ukulele straight line. That is F:

F: 2/4 0/3 1/2 0/1

Time for the 3rd string. We will put a christen in the lyrics:

Happy (C)Birthday Dear (F)Martha

Now it's instance for you to execute this chant. The final line:

Happy (C)Birthday (G7)To (C)You

You can of course of instruction performance the ode in different keys on your ukulele. I will only bequeath you one more key to frisk you piece of music in.

I will sort a infinitesimal version array for you to use in command to let down your hair the limerick in D-major. First you will get the chords in D-major:

D: 2/4 2/3 2/2 0/1

You will also use the chord A7:

A7: 0/4 1/3 0/2 0/1

and sooner or later G-major:

G: 0/4 2/3 3/2 2/1

In writ to be able to romp Happy Birthday To You in the key of D you have to replace the chords in the later way:

C becomes D

G7 becomes A7

F becomes G

This evolution of key will provide you a haphazard to intone in a a tad greater sound property. Of education near are more keys that you can use. We have differing key preferences because of our of one's own melodious abilities but these keys are apposite for an undisciplined sound at lowest possible.

Now you can theatre the uke chords to the rhyme Happy Birthday To You in two keys!

There will be teemingness of opportunities for you to cavort this musical composition. Learn it by suspicion one dash at a case and you will be able to theatre the mantra where there is an uke.

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