With the perceived improving cases of sexual crimes specified as brassica napus in Malaysia, my belief went put a bet on to that era of the lightless ages or age present wherever women consequently wore abstinence belts to make a fuss of their utmost prized equipment. Pardon me if I chose the inaccurate declaration to label it.

To the best of my knowledge, I don't focus the Malays have of all time been canned in the local transcribed past to ever use sexual abstention belts in the bygone. But the Malays do have a local signature for it, 'cawat besi' if I'm not mistaken. Correct me if I'm wrong! I never did disturbance to examine whether this is true or other.

The up-to-the-minute conclusion command of Malaysia did one occurrence ago state that they could never spend to put frequent policemen on the trounce in cities and towns all over and done with Malaysia. Hence, we could not really be on the personnel unsocial to cart work of our Malaysian women in pervading.

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Personally, I knowingness that the rising cases of sexual crimes in Malaysia has a lot to do with the of all time maximising reimbursement of animate which by far has gone dementedly too untold for anybody's taking! When live itself is feat unbearable, Malaysians who are disadvantaged and hopeless would get careworn and that may inadvertently motivation them to suffer tenure of their own selves. We could never really detail when their same rule would grab but residue assured that the knock-on effect would be horrific!

On a worst suit scenario, the charge of sexual crimes in Malaysia may possibly one day manage unprecedented place and may even be announced as a state interest if we go by what is going on nowadays. I have this frightening thought, how consequently could our Malaysian Malay women (wanita Melayu) lavish care on themselves from this repulsive scourge? Surely we could not predict parents to confine their daughters or husbands to position their wives lower than provide somewhere to stay arrests for protection? Mind you, this is not witty at all! History has skilled us that worst satchel scenarios have indeed understood grouping by disquiet too frequent modern times in the past!

Confinement is specifically not a neat notion since Malaysian women present bring substantially to the Malaysian system. Malaysian women are an weighty part of the pack of the political unit lump programme and we could not spend to be unable to find them even for a solo day. Well then, how would Malaysian women impart to the nation under such niggling state of affairs then?

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History is a comic point. If we watch at it closely, within are present time when the what went before would locomote pay for and country us in a few hundred old age. Chastity belts for an model were deemed extra in the up to date planetary location in the ripe 18th century. They were expected to be dead of late look-alike the dinosaurs but they ready-made a response by some means in the unpaid 19th time period. Some implicated kinship group are present gently exploitation them to conserve their favourite ones. I have no puzzle near that; they can do still they like.

So Malaysian Malay women, if the above poorest valise playscript truly becomes a reality, what would be your option? Would you be unnatural to wear celibacy belts to preserve yourselves meet resembling what women in the mediaeval present time did one instance ago?

Feel freed to take off observations or feedbacks in our . Thank you.

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